ABC Pasta Salad

Here’s a recipe that takes 15 mins to make and is so easy even a child could make it. In fact, the idea came about when I was in school, about 10 years old, and my friend brought something similar in for lunch. I noticed that spring onions were the real key; they gave the mayonnaise a really defining, tangy taste that means you need add little else. When I got home I begged my parents to let me make my own version & I’ve made the same recipe ever since.

Ingredients: Serves 6
If you’re making a large batch for packed lunches I’d recommend separating the salad into containers without mayo and adding a little olive oil to keep it moist. Only add the mayonnaise on the day or it starts to separate (this is not bad for you as long as you keep it in the fridge but it just won’t be very nice and will start to dry out).

This is a great accompaniment to BBQ’s, I like to just share out the forks and people dig in to a giant bowl of it. It’s just as nice without the tuna if you need to make a veggie option.

Put the pasta in a large pan with a big pinch of salt. Cover the pasta in hot water from the kettle and bring to the boil. Simmer the pasta for 10mins or until its soft.

Meanwhile chop your vegetables into cubes and put in a big bowl. If you’re having tuna, drain the tin, break up the fish with a fork and mix it with the salad.

Once the pasta is cooked, pour it into a colander and run under a cold tap until the pasta is cool. Drain off any excess water and add to your salad. Add the salt, pepper, herbs and chilli flakes and stir with a large spoon.

If you are eating the whole thing now stir in the mayonnaise, grab some forks and start stuffing!


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